Displaying Your Heart

The 3d Crystal Heart is an exquisite and unique collectible that is available to all! The beautiful and unique design of this item can be easily customized with your own 3d laser engraving, and then a personalized message on the outside of the item for no extra charge (Designed in the USA).

Strikingly gorgeous, the Heart will stand out from all other heart-shaped collectibles in every room. Each side of the piece displays your personalized message, which appears to float in the air above your heart. This item is also very durable and will not break or chip easily. The item will hold up for years and will look like it is brand new.

The Heart comes in various colors and sizes. Each item is made of extremely high-quality material, and the material can be polished and sealed with special clear polyurethane. No two Heart pieces are exactly alike; they are individually hand made by highly skilled artists. You can easily choose the size of each Heart you want so that it fits the size of your decor.

Because the Heart is hand-made, each item is unique and individual and is one of a kind. If you find that you have another love, or hobby that you really enjoy, that can be displayed on your heart, the Heart can be personalized as a remembrance. You can display your love of photography on your heart, or perhaps your love of cars on your heart. Your Heart is truly a personal treasure to cherish and share with others!

Because the Heart is hand-made, each piece has its own unique and special detail. Each person who sees the item will instantly know that it is one of a kind. Each individual Heart is made with its own unique detail and is a work of art by hand! You can find Heart items that feature your favorite sports team or favorite musical genre. If you are someone who loves flowers, you will find the Heart with a bunch of roses, or perhaps, daisies, or vines on the outside of the heart.

Whether you want to display your love of golf, jewelry, shoes, or food, you will find that the Heart is a perfect accent piece! to display. You will also find that the Heart is the perfect accent piece to decorate any home, office or schoolroom, especially if you are looking for a beautiful collectible to place on a desk or on a shelf.