How to Choose Your Crystal Photo Frame

crystal photo frame is a gift that shows thoughtfulness and generosity. If you are looking for a perfect present for someone special, try a crystal photo collage. These unique collages are perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and any other special occasions. In fact, these items can be personalized with the recipient’s name or initial and engraved with a special message.

Making a personalized crystal photo collage is easy to do. Simply choose your favourite picture and take a few minutes with your crystal marker and/or digital camera to capture your image onto a piece of fine art or card. Once you have the image, go ahead and begin the process of decorating your collage with either a luminous base or a laser photo block.

Most modern photography equipment now includes an engraving option for photographs. If you do not have one, simply choose your photograph and find a way to write the message you would like to engrave on it using either an engraving pen or dry erase marker. Many modern photo blocks come with different options for writing the message. For instance, a photo gift block for a wedding can include the date and time, the names of the couple, and a personal message from the couple thanking the guests for attending their special day. This type of crystal photo gift will be enjoyed and cherished for years!

To make your crystal photo gift, simply use a standard photo framing square that fits on any standard size piece of cardboard. Next, you will want to either use a 3D crystal photo image software program to decorate your picture or a standard photo frame to fit the shape of your crystal photo. Now, place your crystal photo onto the standard photo frame and make sure the bottom and top are perfectly lined up with the edges of the square. Using a 3D crystal photo software program, you can create a highly detailed image of your crystal photo and use shading and highlights to enhance the image.

Most companies that offer crystal photo items also offer 3d image options. You can choose to print out the image on a clear, laminated piece of stock, or a standard photo paper. After you have chosen your design, you can either go to a local print shop and have them engrave your design directly onto a piece of stock or onto the top sheet of standard paper, which will cost less. However, if you choose to have your 3d image produced through a laser printer, you will likely pay a little more per image because the cost of the machine and the ink will be higher.

Most printers producing photo crystal items will have the option of selecting a different thickness of glass for the photo frame. This is usually determined by the weight of the item and the thickness of the crystal in the photo. The thickness of the glass will be measured in millimeters, inches, or indeed inches. Because each photograph can have a slightly different dimension, it is best to measure your photo so that the crystal photo frame can be manufactured to fit exactly. If you are unsure of how to measure your photo, simply contact the company you are ordering from and they should be able to assist you.