Using Crystal As A Photo Gift

If you want to give a special present to someone who loves crystal photo albums, you can also have crystal photo collages as the present. With these collages, you can make the album and the crystal photo albums are one and the same. Collage comes from the word ‘collage’ and ‘grouping’ is derived from the same word. Thus, by making a collage you can make a special present for that special someone who is close to your heart.

crystal photo

Crystal photo: by using the new laser engraving technology, adding the crystal photo to the present crystal photo block. This is the reason why your beautiful pictures would be etched on a high-quality picture block. To make it a personalized photo present, place the crystal photo block within a goody bag for the person who will receive this gift. To add more style to the gift pack, it is advisable to include an engrave card along with the crystal photo collage. This will allow him/her to enjoy the great artwork of the photographer, which is why they deserve appreciation too.

Engraving or imprinting is one of the most popular methods to create a crystal photo collage. There are a number of ways to go about it. You may choose to engrave the whole collage or just some parts. For example, if you want to have the baby’s first birthday engraved, you can engrave the date, her name, and her birthstone. Or you may engrave the date, location of the event and the name of the person, if you want to have the birthday party of your favourite actor engraved.

Today, there are different techniques available to use when engraving, which makes it an easy task to do. Some of these methods include the use of laser crystal, standard photo stones, and engraver work, to name a few. If you are not sure about the best method to use, ask for professional help so that you will get the crystal photo effects that you need for your photo collages.

Light bases are also another method of creating a photo collage with photos, which is relatively easier than the previously mentioned methods. With light base, all you have to do is to use the light from the crystal, and direct it to the photo that you want to be engraved. You have to be very careful in order not to leave any blurring marks on the photo, since light bases can cause serious damage to your photographs. So before using light bases for your photo collage, make sure that you have already researched about this material.

Most crystal photo gifts come with a luminous base, which is another reason why they are so popular nowadays. Because of the glowing effect that the crystal photo gives off, most people who receive this as a present will end up keeping it and using it again. This is probably one of the reasons why crystal photo gifts are now becoming so widely used. Even if you are not going to use the crystal photo as a photo gift for someone, it is advisable to still purchase luminous bases because it will always make a great decorative piece for the house.